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The recruitment process refers to identifying the vacancy for the job, Recruitment Agency, Job Consultants, Company in Gurgaon, job requirements analysis, candidate's application review, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate for the right job. Levycon India is a recruitment agency that provides its services in various sectors. We have designed a framework that we utilize while recruiting candidates in any organization.

  • Planning
  • Develop Strategy
  • Search
  • Screening or Shortlisting
  • Evaluation & Control
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Being a premier recruitment agency, we initiate the recruitment process with the planning phase. In this phase, we analyze and describe the vacant positions for jobs. We have a structured recruitment plan that attracts potential candidates from a pool of candidates .

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Develop Strategy

 After planning, we develop a strong strategy to hire candidates. While preparing the recruitment strategy, our HR team considers the following important points -

  • Making employees.
  • Recruitment type.
  • Area.
  • Recruitment sources.
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 Once we develop the recruitment strategy, we initialize the searching process. We resourced the sources on the basis of the job requirements. Connecting the job seekers with the right job comes under the searching phase.  We check the candidate's applications and compare them with the job requirements. Searching the right candidate for the right job is a critical task.

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Screening or Shortlisting

Screening / Shortlisting process starts after the searching of the candidates. In this process, we filter the application of the candidates for the further selection process. Our screening process of recruitment consists of three stages -

  • Reviewing the cover letters & CVs.
  • Interviewing telephonic conversation and Video Call.
  • Identifying the top candidates for the job.
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Evaluation & Control

We assess the effectiveness and validity of the methods and processes in the last phase of the recruitment process. The outcomes of the recruitment process must be throughly evaluated as it is a costly process. The cost incurred in the recruitment process is required to be evaluated and controlled effectively.

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